control.augw(g, w1=None, w2=None, w3=None)

Augment plant for mixed sensitivity problem.

  • g (LTI object, ny-by-nu) –
  • w1 (weighting on S; None, scalar, or k1-by-ny LTI object) –
  • w2 (weighting on KS; None, scalar, or k2-by-nu LTI object) –
  • w3 (weighting on T; None, scalar, or k3-by-ny LTI object) –
  • p (augmented plant; StateSpace object) –
  • a weighting is None, no augmentation is done for it. At least (If) –
  • weighting must not be None. (one) –
  • a weighting w is scalar, it will be replaced by I*w, where I is (If) –
  • for w1 and w3, and nu-by-nu for w2. (ny-by-ny) –


Return type:

plant augmented with weightings, suitable for submission to hinfsyn or h2syn.


ValueError – - if all weightings are None