control.matlab.initial(sys, T=None, X0=0.0, input=None, output=None, return_x=False)

Initial condition response of a linear system

If the system has multiple outputs (?IMO), optionally, one output may be selected. If no selection is made for the output, all outputs are given.

  • sys (StateSpace, or TransferFunction) – LTI system to simulate
  • T (array-like object, optional) – Time vector (argument is autocomputed if not given)
  • X0 (array-like object or number, optional) –

    Initial condition (default = 0)

    Numbers are converted to constant arrays with the correct shape.

  • input (int) – This input is ignored, but present for compatibility with step and impulse.
  • output (int) – If given, index of the output that is returned by this simulation.

  • yout (array) – Response of the system
  • T (array) – Time values of the output
  • xout (array (if selected)) – Individual response of each x variable

See also

lsim(), step(), impulse()


>>> yout, T = initial(sys, T, X0)