Python Control Systems Library

The Python Control Systems Library (python-control) is a Python package that implements basic operations for analysis and design of feedback control systems.


  • Linear input/output systems in state-space and frequency domain

  • Nonlinear input/output system modeling, simulation, and analysis

  • Block diagram algebra: serial, parallel, and feedback interconnections

  • Time response: initial, step, impulse

  • Frequency response: Bode and Nyquist plots

  • Control analysis: stability, reachability, observability, stability margins

  • Control design: eigenvalue placement, LQR, H2, Hinf

  • Model reduction: balanced realizations, Hankel singular values

  • Estimator design: linear quadratic estimator (Kalman filter)



You can check out the latest version of the source code with the command:

git clone

You can run the unit tests with pytest to make sure that everything is working correctly. Inside the source directory, run:

pytest -v

or to test the installed package:

pytest --pyargs control -v

Your contributions are welcome! Simply fork the GitHub repository and send a pull request.

Please see the Developer’s Wiki for detailed instructions.