control.pzmap(sys, plot=None, grid=None, title='Pole Zero Map', **kwargs)[source]

Plot a pole/zero map for a linear system.

  • sys (LTI (StateSpace or TransferFunction)) – Linear system for which poles and zeros are computed.

  • plot (bool, optional) – If True a graph is generated with Matplotlib, otherwise the poles and zeros are only computed and returned.

  • grid (boolean (default = False)) – If True plot omega-damping grid.


  • poles (array) – The systems poles

  • zeros (array) – The system’s zeros.


The pzmap function calls matplotlib.pyplot.axis(‘equal’), which means that trying to reset the axis limits may not behave as expected. To change the axis limits, use matplotlib.pyplot.gca().axis(‘auto’) and then set the axis limits to the desired values.