control.append(sys1, sys2, ..., sysn)

Group models by appending their inputs and outputs

Forms an augmented system model, and appends the inputs and outputs together. The system type will be the type of the first system given; if you mix state-space systems and gain matrices, make sure the gain matrices are not first.

Parameters:sys2, .. sysn (sys1,) – LTI systems to combine
Returns:sys – Combined LTI system, with input/output vectors consisting of all input/output vectors appended
Return type:LTI system


>>> sys1 = ss("1. -2; 3. -4", "5.; 7", "6. 8", "9.")
>>> sys2 = ss("-1.", "1.", "1.", "0.")
>>> sys = append(sys1, sys2)


also implement for transfer function, zpk, etc.