control.root_locus_map(sysdata, gains=None)[source]

Compute the root locus map for an LTI system.

Calculate the root locus by finding the roots of 1 + k * G(s) where G is a linear system with transfer function num(s)/den(s) and each k is an element of kvect.

  • sys (LTI system or list of LTI systems) – Linear input/output systems (SISO only, for now).

  • kvect (array_like, optional) – Gains to use in computing plot of closed-loop poles.


rldata – Root locus data object(s) corresponding to the . The loci of the root locus diagram are available in the array rldata.loci, indexed by the gain index and the locus index, and the gains are in the array rldata.gains.

Return type

PoleZeroData or list of PoleZeroData


For backward compatibility, the rldata return object can be assigned to the tuple roots, gains.