control.nichols_plot(data, omega=None, *fmt, grid=None, title=None, legend_loc='upper left', **kwargs)[source]

Nichols plot for a system.

Plots a Nichols plot for the system over a (optional) frequency range.

  • data (list of FrequencyResponseData or LTI) – List of LTI systems or FrequencyResponseData objects. A single system or frequency response can also be passed.

  • omega (array_like) – Range of frequencies (list or bounds) in rad/sec

  • *fmt (matplotlib.pyplot.plot() format string, optional) – Passed to matplotlib as the format string for all lines in the plot. The omega parameter must be present (use omega=None if needed).

  • grid (boolean, optional) – True if the plot should include a Nichols-chart grid. Default is True.

  • legend_loc (str, optional) – For plots with multiple lines, a legend will be included in the given location. Default is ‘upper left’. Use False to supress.

  • **kwargs (matplotlib.pyplot.plot() keyword properties, optional) – Additional keywords passed to matplotlib to specify line properties.


lines – 1-D array of Line2D objects. The size of the array matches the number of systems and the value of the array is a list of Line2D objects for that system.

Return type

array of Line2D