control.mixsyn(g, w1=None, w2=None, w3=None)[source]

Mixed-sensitivity H-infinity synthesis.

mixsyn(g,w1,w2,w3) -> k,cl,info

  • g (LTI) – The plant for which controller must be synthesized

  • w1 (None, or scalar or k1-by-ny LTI) – Weighting on S = (1+G*K)**-1

  • w2 (None, or scalar or k2-by-nu LTI) – Weighting on K*S

  • w3 (None, or scalar or k3-by-ny LTI) – Weighting on T = G*K*(1+G*K)**-1;


  • k (StateSpace) – Synthesized controller;

  • cl (StateSpace) – Closed system mapping evaluation inputs to evaluation outputs.

    Let p be the augmented plant, with:

    [z] = [p11 p12] [w]
    [y]   [p21   g] [u]

    then cl is the system from w->z with u = -k*y.

  • info (tuple) –

    gamma: scalar

    H-infinity norm of cl

    rcond: array

    Estimates of reciprocal condition numbers computed during synthesis. See hinfsyn for details

  • If a weighting w is scalar, it will be replaced by I*w, where I is

  • ny-by-ny for w1 and w3, and nu-by-nu for w2.

See also

hinfsyn, augw