control.connection_table(sys, show_names=False, column_width=32)[source]

Print table of connections inside an interconnected system model.

Intended primarily for InterconnectedSystems that have been connected implicitly using signal names.

  • sys (InterconnectedSystem) – Interconnected system object

  • show_names (bool, optional) – Instead of printing out the system number, print out the name of each system. Default is False because system name is not usually specified when performing implicit interconnection using interconnect().

  • column_width (int, optional) – Character width of printed columns.


>>> P =,1,1,0, inputs='u', outputs='y', name='P')
>>> C =, [.1, 1], inputs='e', outputs='u', name='C')
>>> L = ct.interconnect([C, P], inputs='e', outputs='y')
>>> L.connection_table(show_names=True) 
signal    | source                  | destination
e         | input                   | C
u         | C                       | P
y         | P                       | output